ModelTech takes part in SPE Russian Oil & Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition 2012
ModelTech takes part in the "Regional technology forum TNK-BP 2012"
ModelTech takes part in the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition SPE ATCE.
REPOS   is engineering information portal. It provides oil company wide web based environment for production engineers and management.
Reservior Simulation Office
RSOffice provides integrated visual environment for reservoir simulation.
Petroleum Engineering Tools
WebSim gives user unique opportunity of modeling fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoir just in the web browser.
Reservior Simulation
Creating, history-matching  reservoir models and making oil production forecasts for Field Development Plan studies.
We provide consulting in modeling workflow organizing, software and databases integration as well as simulation techniques.
 Software resale
We resale reservoir simulation and engineering calculations software. ModelTech represents StreamSim Technologies Inc. and Neotechnology Consultants Ltd in Russia.
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